Angry Birds Star Wars free Hoth levels out plus cutest AT-AT vid – ever!

angry birds star wars hoth levelsThe update for Angry Birds Star Wars, which adds 20 new free levels set on Hoth – the icy planet from Empire Strikes Back – is now available for download.

The latest installment not only brings in to play the frozen wastelands of Hoth it adds AT-AT Walkers and hands you control of Princess Leia – well, the Angry Bird version anyhow.

As teased on the original gameplay trailer, Leia can shoot targeted pink lasers in a similar fashion as the Han Solo bird. The difference, apart from the colour, is that hers spread outwards and act like tractor beams, hitting two targets at once. It’s handy for taking out the legs of the Walkers, for example.

There’s more of the Hoth episode yet to come too – with a  further 10 levels still under the banner of “coming soon”….

Check out the ice skating AT-ATs below

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