Android Wear watch gets Star Trek: TNG styling

star trek android wearI’ve been pretty much 50/50 about smartwatches until I saw this Star Trek: The Next Generation watch face. Now I am all “make it so”.

Android Wear smartwatches were always going to be open to customised and modified faces, just as Android devices have different loaders and themes, and this Star Trek: The Next Generation face is must for any Star Trek fan.

The touchscreen UI found on this face came from Star Trek back before Patrick Stewart was a social media hit. Heck it was before social media was really a thing and smartwatches were still a mere fantasy. But, as with all things Star Trek, it proved an accurate prediction of future tech.

The Starwatch app, as it is called, is equipped with an interface which not only looks super cool but is really functional.

The face displays the time and date as well as the UNIX Epoch, for that extra space-like feel. While in dimmed mode it will simply show the time and, thanks to a recent update, the date too.

The Starwatch app can be downloaded from Google Play now for free.

Users will need to own either an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live for it to work using Android Wear.

The app will install directly onto the watch once it is paired with the phone, so there won’t be anything on the phone itself, unfortunately.

While this is one of the first face mods for Android Wear devices, it is just the beginning and I’m expecting a variety of wrist communicator designs appearing in the not too distant future.