Android Wear is no more – Wear OS

android wearThat’s it. Google has announced that Android Wear has been killed off.

Android Wear, Google’s operating system for a whole slew of wearables, has officially been ended.

The news was announced via Google’s blog yesterday, March 15th.

The statement starts:

Android Wear was founded on the belief that wearable technology should be for everyone, no matter what style you wear on your wrist or what phone you have in your pocket. Since then, we’ve partnered with top watch and electronics brands to create more than 50 watches to help you manage your fitness, connect with the people who matter most, and show you the information you care about. The best part: We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with wearables and there’s even more exciting work ahead.”

android wear smartwatchesApparently, in 2017, one out of three new Android Wear watch owners also used an iPhone. So as the watch industry gears up for Baselworld next week, they’re announcing a new name. This name, they say, better reflects their technology and vision.

Wear OS by Google

wear os by googleSo, from now on, Android Wear has changed to become Wear OS by Google.

Yeah, you didn’t think that Google was leaving the wearable OS arena, did you?

Those with Wear-ables will start to see the new name on your watch and phone app over the next few weeks.