Android 2.3.3 Update Includes Facebook inside Xperia – Heading to UK Play and Arc Phones

Sony Ericsson has started to squirt out the updated software, Android 2.3.3, to all those Xperia Arc and Xperia Play smartphones out there. The update will hand the SE handsets several improvements and fixes as well as endowing them with the rather natty ‘Facebook Inside Xperia’.

According to the SE Blog this update is already available for a few different markets and “kits” but the UK will start to get the update at the end of this week.

As per usual with updates there’ll be a few bug fixes – these should give your Xperia improved battery performance, general software stability, Wi-Fi stability, better HD Video recording performance as well as better touchscreen response.

Your Play or Arc will be able to furnish itself with said update over-the-air or via PC-Companion.

Facebook Inside Xperia is the biggy though. FIX allows you to do all those Facebook things from your Xperia mobile – share, connect and like but all in a smoother, more integrated way than you able to before.

It hooks up with TimeScape and the Facebook for Android application, and is like the software that has been previously announced to come with the Xperia mini and mini pro handsets.

It will shove your friends Facebook pics into a gallery in their profile and will even allow you to ‘Like’ a track that you’re playing on the handset.

Let me know when you get it 🙂

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