Android Marshmallow, Maltesers or Marzipan?

M&MsAs most people will know, Android has a considerably sweet tooth. So, what will Android M be called?

The current version of Android is called Lollipop, with the previous being tied in with KitKat. Chances are that the next version will start with an M and be announced at Google I/O this month.

References to Android M recently appeared on the Google I/O schedule for Google’s developer conference, although the references have now been removed.

When Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop last year it was first called Android L until Google gave it the Lollipop name.

As yet there are not details on what changes will be brought to Android with the release of Android M, although Google may focus on business and enterprise with the next release.

So far there are no details on what Android M will end up being called but, as previous versions of Android have been named after sweets and deserts, I wonder if Android M will end up being called Android Marshmallow, or will it have another chocolate brand tie-in like KitKat which opens the doors to M&Ms, Maltesers, MiniEggs?

What do you think? Any suggestions?