Android M to bring fingerprint scanning

fingerprint scannerIt looks as though Google is aiming to take on Apple’s Touch ID with their own kick-ass digit scanner.

Google OS’s security credentials could be getting a hefty boost thanks to the introduction of a standardised fingerprint scanning system.

According to rumours surrounding Android M it appears that a native fingerprint authentication system is likely to be part of the Android M package, although there’s no verification of where this information came from.

This all lands neatly with Google I/O being just around the corner, the perfect place to announce details of what’s coming in the future. Also, who’s betting that the new mobile operating system will be called Android Marshmallow? Personally, I’m still holding out for Marzipan.

Android is no stranger to finger-scanning phones with the Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with that very thing. Huawei and HTC also deploy fingerprint scanners on devices and with Huawei looking highly likely to be given the task of building the Nexus device, it’s safe to assume that this will be rocking the tech.

Fingerprint authentication will most likely follow the same lines as Apple and be employed for unlocking your handset as well as logging into applications – such as authorising a Google Play purchase.

Would you welcome this inclusion to Android? It will certainly make things easier for developers.