Android has its Flaps Open and Was Created by Apple

“Apple created Android” – How’s that for an opening gambit? Well, that came direct from Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop.

Elop claims that Apple’s iPhone sowed the seeds of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

This was announced at the Open Mobile Summit 2011 in London today during his keynote, entitled ‘Thinking big: Creating a truly global mobile ecosystem’.

Elop went on to describe how he saw iOS and Android as the two dominant smartphone platforms and “eco-systems”.

Elop says that the big change occured back in 2007 “when Apple introduced the iPhone.”

“Apple introduced a high watermark that said, ‘this is what users expect” and added “Apple did this in a uniquely Apple way…(with) a very focused, walled environment”. He was obviously on a roll as he then dropped the killer statement: “I would therefore argue Apple created Android.”

I’m guessing that somewhere there is wailing and gnashing of teeth as Android was in development for quite a while before the baby iPhone appeared. Danger founder Andy Rubin joined Google in 2005, when it bought out his fledgling Android start-up.

Elop then illustrated the differences between these two eco-systems with the picture above. There you see Apple as a closed box, and Google in an open box – although Elop reckons that Google still hasn’t decided on just how open they want Android to be.

“There are still flaps…how open those flaps will be, it is quite clear Google is still to decide,”

After turning its back on the Symbian operating system back in FebruaryNokia’s first Windows Phone will go on sale later this year and will be loaded with Windows Phone 7.1 – aka Mango.

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