An actual Hoverboard breaks World Record

hoverboard recordThis is the dream of anyone who has watched Marty McFly cruise on his Mattel Hoverboard, and the reality of hoverboard ownership is on its way.

The latest chapter of the hoverboard being a real thing is down to one Canadian called Catalina Alexandru Duru.

Duru has got in to the official Guinness Book of World Records by traveling 275.9 meters (905-feet 2-inches) on a hoverboard.

Granted, this is not the floating skateboard variety, more a quadrocopter you strap your feet on to. Still, the Guinness Book of World Records has recognised this as being the furthest flight on a hoverboard so it must all be above… err.. board.

The previous record was only 50 meters (164 feet). Pah!

[youtube id=”Bfa9HrieUyQ”]