AmpliFi HD home Mesh Wi-Fi system – looks as good as its specs

AmpliFi HD MeshUbiquiti Labs, the consumer technology arm of wireless networking company Ubiquiti Networks, has announced its AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi products in the UK.

AmpliFi HD is designed to solve many of the widely-recognised challenges of the connected home. You know the kind of thing – dead zones, slow connections, and difficulties in setting up and configuring a router.

The AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi kit looks pretty neat too.

AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi

AmpliFi is designed to be a showcase piece for the modern home. The central routing device camouflages an advanced antenna design as a stunning desktop piece. You get a glowing base LED and a smart LCD display. Basically, it still looks like tech, but not part of your network.

ampliFy HD routerThe router connects to adjustable MeshPoints that distribute Wi-Fi throughout the home.

Also, in order to reduce clutter, the MeshPoints can seamlessly be installed into any open electrical socket without any cables.


AmpliFi HD offers plug-and-play setup through an app. This hooks up AmpliFi devices to a smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

With a simple, intuitive setup, you can manage your new network. This includes monitoring ISP speeds, inviting guests, creating family profiles, oversee network security, and much more.

AmpliFi HD Mesh kitchenFirstly, the system utilises 802.11AC Wi-Fi technology. Secondly, you can achieve up to 5.45 Gbps of aggregate wireless throughput. That’s not to mention breakthrough coverage performance through 3×3 antennas.

Furthermore, you get unlimited scalability and it’s fully customisable. You can, for example, buy the standalone router first and add the MeshPoints later for increased coverage.

The MeshPoints are also the first of its kind that work with any third-party Wi-Fi router to create a mesh Wi-Fi system.


Ben Moore, Vice President of Business Development at Ubiquiti Networks commented:

AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi solutions quickly gained popularity in the United States due to their sleek industrial design, plug-and-play installation, and superior performance. We are excited to now make them available to customers in the United Kingdom.

As our homes get smarter, there’s an increasing need for reliable and fast Wi-Fi in every corner. AmpliFi HD leverages Ubiquiti’s advanced and proven technology that powers over 38 million Wi-Fi radios for enterprise and service provider networks around the globe. The system provides unmatched performance and coverage, delivering fast internet bandwidth throughout the entire home and supports a large number of Wi-Fi devices at the same time.”

Pricing and Availability

  • AmpliFi HD Mesh System – £359.99
  • Standalone AmpliFi HD Router – £149.99
  • Standalone AmpliFi HD MeshPoint – £132.49

AmpliFi HD products are available now in the United Kingdom from Scan Computers on and on However, expect additional retailers to follow in the coming months.

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