Ampbot – Your Own Musical Stalker

Looking like the result of a love-triangle between a Segway, Rolly and a Miuro this is the new A.M.P. (Automated Music Personality or Ampbot) from Sega-Hasbro.

Ampbot stands 2.4-feet tall and features an MP3 player / iPod cradle on its back, stereo speakers, and the ability to follow, chase and interact with its owner.

Sound comes out via a 5-inch mid-range speaker in the chest and a pair of smaller tweeters in the shoulders for a total of 12 watts tunage.

Osamu Takeuchi of Sega Toys says,

“The owner can also enjoy being chased around the house by the robot.”

That’s a selling point? Sounds a tad ominous to me!

The Ampbot and controller requires 9 batteries (6x D and 3x AAA) for about 10-hours of continuous music.

Wouldn’t it have been better to have added a charging station? If a robotic hoover can have one why can’t a music-bot?

Ampbot will be out by the end of the year for around $500 in the US and Japan.