Amazon Prime drones flying in UK

amazon prime airAmazon has just announced that it has started a small private drone delivery trial in the UK.

A pair of shoppers in the UK are now able to order their goods to be delivered by drone. Yes, for them at least, the future is here.

Go ahead for the trial was given earlier this year. Now, Amazon plans to expand this trial to a few dozen, and then to hundreds, of shoppers who live within a few miles of its first Prime Air fulfillment center. This will be good news to those in the Cambridge area.

The first delivery was on December 7th. The drone didn’t have to fly too far, but this is still a major step for Prime Air. Let’s face it, who else thought that the whole idea was little more than an early April Fools’ joke?

Amazon Prime Air

The drones are loaded in a fulfillment center and then roll out of the hall on rails. From here they take off to make their delivery runs. Errrrr, flights.

The full flight happens autonomously and the idea is to ensure that all deliveries arrive within 30 minutes.

The first product the drone delivered was an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn.

[youtube id=”vNySOrI2Ny8″]

The process took 13 minutes from the time the customers entered the order to the time the package was delivered.

Amazon tells us that the current batch of customers will be able to order seven days a week, but only during daylight hours. Oh, and when the weather is okay to fly.

Is drone delivery the future? Let us know in the comments.