Amazon Prime Air drones promise to deliver within the hour – The downside

amazon prime air droneJeff Bezos took to 60 Minutes to announce Prime Air, a drone-based 30-minute delivery system for densely populated areas – could this open up to people shooting your order out of the skies or a quicker way to get your purchases?

The Prime Air idea originally struck with wonderment but then, the more I thought about its viability, more questions arose.

After the obvious thought of people hijacking Amazon orders as they flew past the next on the list was how would the traffic in the skies be regulated?

Just think, thousands of drones competing for sky space as they try to get their shipments to the doors of the awaiting impatient consumers. I am assuming that if Amazon Prime Air proved successful other logistic companies and couriers would look in to a similar system.

It probably wouldn’t be long until traffic updates included the likes of “the outside lane of the motorway has been closed after the wreckage of two or three drones caused an accident after they collided in midair”.

Would these drones be solar-powered? I wonder what kind of carbon footprint the constant charging of these flying delivery bots would leave in their wake when compared with other methods.

Am I being one of those ‘glass half empty’ types or are my concerns valid?

[youtube id=”98BIu9dpwHU”]

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