Amazon Offers Free Music Cloud Storage and Android Streaming

If you’re hoping for natty iOS updates to bring you the power of cloud storage for your iTunes why not check out what Amazon has up its sleeve!

From today you’ll be able to access 5GB of free cloud storage from the company to store the music you can’t bear to be without and stream it to your Android phone.

Free is always good but 5GB isn’t a great amount of tunage really – but if you buy an album from them on MP3 they’ll bump your cloud locker up to 20GB for a year for free 🙂

If you want that 20GB storage but don’t fancy anything in Amazon’s stock then you can cough-up $20 (£12.50) per year for the same amount of space. Yup, dollars y’all – this is US only at the moment.

Now I know that with a few 12″ remixes and a few prog double albums and that 20GB is soon eaten up – but if you do buy your music from Amazon then that’s automatically shoved onto your cloud drive and is not included in your cloud quota!

As you’d hope – you can upload those bits of your existing music catalogue you so wish onto your area of Amazon from your puter.

Once those choonz are up there you’ll use the Cloud Player to access them on any device. Android phones are the first to be supported, but of course your PC can get in on the action.

No word of an iApp yet but I wouldn’t hold my breath as Cupertino surely has plans in this arena also 😉

Amazon reckons that no special permission is required from the rights holders in order for them to offer this service – I’m sure that some litigious lawyer working for a major label will find a way to wring some coinage out of this. Let’s face it – 13 record companies are attempting to sue Limewire for $75 trillion! Have those companies ever made that amount since they were formed – even before digital music was born? That’s just under $6 trillion per company they hope to squeeze out of Limewire for crissakes!

Anyhoooo – I digress….

Would you like Amazon’s free cloud storage to come to the UK? If there’s no special rights permissions required (or, rather, bothered with) it should be fairly straight forward – although weren’t there some rights issues in the UK when the Kindle landed or was that down to 3G, I can’t remember?

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