Amazon Kindle Now With Audio and Video

With the arrival of Apple’s own iBooks into the app store Amazon has decided to up the ante and have released an update to its Kindle apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

What do you get with the new version e-Reader? Howsabout embedded audio and video within its ebook titles?

Amazon is obviously keen to push the fact that the Kinde brand is more than just hardware – let’s face it; the Kindles can’t play these files or even give you stuff in colour yet!

At the moment there’s only about a dozen titles that are taking advantage of this update.  Amongst them are Rick Steves’ London Kindle Edition with audio/video features walking tours with Rick doing the narration while Rose’s Heavenly Cakes features video tips for… you guessed it, making heavenly cakes.

I’m now going to wait to see how Apple and its iBook posse react to this 😉

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