Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet Heading to UK Very Soon!

It was only this morning when I was bemoaning the fact that Amazon’s Kindle Fire was staying stateside when writing about the super-cheap NOVO7 Google Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. It seems that Amazon know’s that Christmas is the time for a real Fire and has been given the Android tablet the all-clear to launch in the UK!

The 7-inch Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first foray in to mobile hardware – other than it’s famous e-Book readers.

Needless to say the bargain Android tablet has been well received over in the USA and I am sure that there is a whole bunch of you out there in UK-land that can’t wait for it to land here.

Well, according to an ‘inside source‘, word is that the Amazon Kindle Fire may well be with us as soon as next month – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🙂

Thanks, no doubt, to Amazon’s position in the online retail market their Kindle Fire has been hotly tipped as being second only to the Apple iPad 2 in sales over in America.

Amazon is prepared to make a loss on each unit thus selling them at bargain prices with the difference made through Amazon Appstore profits. The Kindle Fire costs $199 and links seamlessly with Amazon’s impressive collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. It has a decent web browser, and the Amazon Android app store is home to most of the big must-have apps. The Fire hand you most of what you need a tablet to be able to do: you can check your email, browse the Internet, play games all at half the cost of an iPad 2.

The UK pricing hasn’t been mentioned but I can almost promise that it’ll be more than the £60 asking price of the NOVO7 and less than an iPad 2.

At least the Amazon Kindle Fire is on its way over the pond 🙂

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