Amazon Kindle DX Lands in UK – Will Cost You Though!

Some may say – At Last! has finally announced that it’s going to ship an international version of its Kindle DX to Blighty.

For those unaware of the Kindle DX – think Kindle but bigger.

It has a 246mm (9.7 inch) E-Ink screen and apparently the “Kindle DX is great for personal and professional documents, cookbooks and textbooks – anything that is highly formatted,” so says Amazon.

The Kindle DX also supports Adobe PDF files whereas before Kindles would’ve had to have PDF’s converted to a format it liked.

You can shove around 3,500 books into the memory and you get a week’s worth of reading before needing to recharge it thanks to power only being required to turn pages and not to read.

Free wireless downloads from the built-in bookstore just like the standard Kindle.

Now, here’s the painful part. Amazon only ships this model from the states so you’ll have to pay an “import deposit” of $89 to start off as well as the $489 asking price.

Oh, don’t forget the $20.98 delivery cost – that should bring you around to a total of $600. That’s £375 Sterling. That might not even include VAT!!!!!

For me I’d wait and see what the Apple and Microsoft tablets offer and how much they cost. I mean, 400 notes for an eReader? Even if they’re outselling regular paper books!

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