Amazon Go is go! Cashier-less store now open

amazon go storeIn a few hours, Amazon will open the doors to its first cashier-less grocery store, Amazon Go, in Seattle today, Monday, January 22nd.

Amazon Go has been on the books since they revealed plans for this futuristic retail experience back in December 2016.

The online retailer described how you could simply go into the shop with the company’s app installed on your mobile, pick items off the shelves, and walk out without the hassle of going through the checkout. However, the bill will appear on your Amazon account.

Amazon Go

amazon go interiorNow that trialing of its advanced computer vision tech (cameras installed along store shelves track the items you pick up) has completed, all systems are Go.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, however. Last March there were technical difficulties when more than 20 people shopped simultaneously.

Anyhow, that’s all behind them now (they hope) and Amazon is ready to let people give this a Go in downtown Seattle. The high-tech premises occupies 1,800 square feet and offers everything from staples to snacks to alcohol.

The store isn’t entirely devoid of human staff though – just cashiers.

So, you’ll find employees waiting to assist you in case you face any issues, as well as chefs preparing meals that you can buy, and others checking IDs before letting you grab bottles of booze.

[youtube id=”NrmMk1Myrxc”]

Just remember, you’ll need the app in order to get past the underground-style barriers and begin shopping.

Finally, Amazon hasn’t said whether-or-not there are plans to open further Go stores. The thing is if the concept is successful they could be facing some competition.

According to Recode, Walmart was working on a similar idea under the codename Project Kepler. Perhaps even our own Argos could move to something similar.

If you’re in Seattle and get a chance to visit Amazon Go, please let us know in the comments how your shopping went.