Amazon Cloud now Streams to iPhone, iPod and iPad

Wanting to get in on the Amazon Cloud Player action but own an iPod, iPhone or iPad? Well, Amazon has updated the service and now the ethereal locker space will play nice with your iOS device.

The Amazon Cloud Player service lets you stream tracks that you’ve stored in the digital locker on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via iOS’s web browser.

Unfortunately, as it uses Flash, you wont be able to sling tracks from your iPhone, etc up to your cloud space – You can, obviously, shove your tunes into the cloud from your PC or Mac.

It hasn’t been plain sailing for Amazon as Sony threw a bit of a hissy fit about track rights if you remember.

The UK is still waiting for the Amazon Cloud Player to open its locker doors here but our American cousins will be able to benefit from this update to the service.

I’ve searched around and there’s not even a whisper when we’ll get it in Blighty.

Perhaps Apple might sneak in with its own iCloud before Amazon has chance to win us over – or will Amazon unlock its UK cloud on the arrival of the Amazon tablet?

What do you think? 😉

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