Amazon Challenges Producers Ahead of UK Kindle Fire Launch

Amazon Kindle Fire UKRemember my news about the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the UK’s distinct lack of a Kindle Fire in any shape or form? Well, it sounds like Amazon is taunting movie and video producers in readiness of spreading Fire across the UK and the rest of Europe.

The mighty online retailer is busy scoring deals in order to pack the UK Kindle Fire with all that good stuff.

In fact Anthony Bay, Amazon VP, has thrown down the gauntlet to a bunch of video types, “If you’re not talking to us, you should be,” Oooooo! Get you! :p

So, why should you bothered about the Kindle Fire?

If you think it’s just a cheap Android tablet you will be missing most of the point.

You see, the Kindle Fire is not trying to do everything ‘OK’ and at a reasonable price. The Fire has been given a specific job by Amazon.

As soon as you’re faced by the Fire you get Amazon’s custom-designed front end which is focused on helping you find, buy and watch movies, TV shows and online videos as well as enjoying books and music.

The thing is that the Fire’s content-focused approach makes it arguably the best Android out there for the task.

It also means that Amazon has to do the time-honoured dance with license holders in order to get the OK to sell stuff in different countries.

Amazon is keen to get the Fire out across Europe and the UK, especially after it has proved a huge success in the US. Amazon is having to reassure producers of movies and TV that digital video will not destroy the DVD and Blu-ray business using their model that Amazon sells more ebooks than paper books, but it still sells an awful lot of paperbacks and hardbacks.

Amazon reckons it can make money from streaming and downloading video and traditional physical media.

Well, it’s not like downloads have affected CD and vinyl sales is it? Oh, hang on…

Check out Bay in action at his keynote below:

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