Amazon Building LCD Touchscreen Kindle iPad Killer

Looks like the iPad is continuing to make a stir ahead of its international release.

No surprise that the next to combat the ever growing Apple is Amazon.

I’ve read that Kindle might be making its way to Android so users can get the Amazon books on their phone but the bit that I thought more interesting is that there’s word that there’s friendly chats with game developers happening.

The New York Times has been informed that there’s a deal with unnamed gaming types could well be the start of a wider strategy to make the Kindle appeal to a wider audience.

To me that sounds like a Kindle iPad rival is in the offing! 😉

This would all fit with Amazon buying up TouchCo to help them bring multitouch to the Kindle as well as them looking to use an LCD panel to replace the current e-Ink screen. That’s a win for the gamers but what about all that chat about LCD being rubbish for reading?

Would you be interested in seeing Amazon step-up to Apple with an LCD touchscreen reply?

Let me know 🙂

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