Amazon to auto rip your CD purchases to Cloud Player

CloudPlayerWhen you buy a CD from Amazon you may soon get the digital version automagically, sources have revealed.

Word is that Amazon will soon announce the new service, going by the working title “auto rip”, which will place a copy of the tracks of the purchased CD in a user’s Amazon cloud storage account, to be played through Amazon Cloud Player.

So, when you buy a CD from Amazon, you’ll then have access to the digital copy too, without having to convert that CD via your PC.

The beauty of this is that Amazon Cloud Player is currently accessible through your internet browser, as well as on Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone, Sonos and BlackBerry devices – so, your tunes will never be far away and not take up precious memory on your device.

The even bigger move is that Amazon may also be considering supplying the tracks from past purchases. Basically, everything you’ve purchased from Amazon being given to you digitally without having to do anything.

Not only would this be handy for the punter but it will undoubtedly increase the appeal of Amazon’s Cloud Player offering, with users likely to use it as a music player if they suddenly had a huge catalogue of thier chosen digital music sat on there.

There’s nothing official on this at the moment, so stay tuned 🙂

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