ALOGIC USB C Docks Land in UK

ALOGIC’s Latest USB C Docks Available in UK

ALOGIC has announced a pair of USB C docks to bolster your device’s connectivity options.

ALOGIC’S arrival in the UK coincides with the launch of two state-of-the-art USB C docking systems. Designed to offer class-leading performance and connectivity combined with superb industrial design.



The USB C Dock PLUS is designed to complement the latest USB C and Thunderbolt-equipped computers. The dock hooks up via a single USB C cable and supports either a single monitor with up to 4K resolution when using the HDMI or Mini DisplayPort outputs, or it can support two monitors with up to 1080p FULL HD resolution simultaneously using the HDMI and Mini DisplayPort outputs.


The PLUS also boasts 2 x USB 3.1 (USB-A) ports for your standard USB accessories, 1 x gigabit ethernet, 1 x Micro SD and SD Card Readers and 1 x USB-C port with support for up to 100W of Power Delivery for charging your laptop when connected to a suitable USB-C Charger.

USB C Dock Nano Gen 2


Also on offer is the USB-C Dock Nano Gen 2. Specifically designed to match the MacBook Pro (2016 on-wards) and the Macbook Air (2018 on-wards), the new Nano connects to both power and signal inputs and assumes the role of both. The upshot being 4K HDMI support with two USB A, one USB C and Micro and SD card readers.

USB C Dock Nano

Naturally, the fit and finish are as impressive as the technology inside. Available in both Space Grey or Silver, the USB C Dock PLUS looks every inch the piece of cutting edge technology it is. The casework ensures comprehensive shielding against electromagnetic interference to ensure performance remains unaffected.

The USB- C Dock Nano Gen 2 combines Aluminium and ABS in a compact and portable device that complements the industrial design of the MacBook range.

Designed to be easily carried with the laptop, both devices vastly increase the laptop’s capability as a workstation.

Price and availability

Both devices are on sale now with the USB C Dock PLUS retailing at £109.99 Inc. VAT and the USB-C Dock Nano Gen 2, £69.99 Inc. VAT.