Allocacoc releases audioCube

audiocube whiteThe audioCube comes from Allocacoc. You might remember the PowerCube from Allocacoc, the remote controlled 4-gang power extension. Now the company has brought its cubist genius to an audio product.

As most speakers are unidirectional, the best sound is directly in front of the device. The thing is, once you move to either side, the sound quality drops significantly.

Allocacoc was founded in 2010 by Arthur Limpens and Yixia Jiang. Both are Dutch graduates of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology.

The company has just announced that they are introducing a new multidirectional speaker.

audioCube design

The audioCube is an innovative speaker, featuring bass which is further amplified by the surface it is placed on to.

audioCube gangThe portable version has an internal battery which can keep it playing for up to 12 hours. The speaker can be paired with all Bluetooth-enabled devices or connected with the widely used audio input port.

[youtube id=”xwTkFKWJpS8″]

All-in-all, this seems to be the perfect way to enjoy music wherever you want it.

I am getting one of these to review, so stay tuned!

audioCube price and availability

The audioCube comes in three colours: black, white and wood, and two models: portable and non-portable.

They are available from the Allocacoc website and selected stores in the United Kingdom. Pricing starts at £69.