Allocacoc audioCube review

Allocacoc audioCube


Build quality




Ease of use


Sound quality





  • Compact
  • Loud
  • Looks good
  • Will take knocks
  • Good battery life


  • Exposed cones could get damaged

audiocube-boxThere is plenty to chose from if you want a Bluetooth speaker these days. Naturally, size and sound are two of the most important factors for many. Allocacoc have recently announced their audioCube and sent me one to review.

Dutch manufacturer, Allocacoc, have an interesting proposition to getting the most out of a portable Bluetooth speaker. They obviously like working with cubes, and have therefore added a speaker to almost every face of one.

It looks pretty good but, more importantly, how does it sound?

audioCube design

The audioCube, as the name suggests, is a cube loaded with speakers.

It measures 16.5- x 11.5- x 11.5-cm (HxWxD) so, although not tiny, is still perfectly portable.

audiocube-bundleThe 16cm speakers are loaded on four sides of the unit plus a vibrating plane on the end where the huge orange power button is housed.

audiocube-power-socketThe sixth side is for the mains charging cable.

I quite like the white and orange and the chunky control buttons of the device. It says “fun” in almost a kid’s toy kind of a way.

It feels well made and robust, as a portable device should.

audiocube-line-inThe audioCube comes bundled with an aux lead so you can hardwire your music source. Handy if he doesn’t have Bluetooth or if you want to save your batteries.

audioCube performance

Weighing in at 1.2Kg there are lighter portable speakers. But the audioCube is loud and dynamic.

[youtube id=”xwTkFKWJpS8″]

Not only that, in exchange for 3 hours charge you get between 10 and 12 hours of play time. Also, you don’t need to drag around a power brick, just a regular kettle lead.

Set up

Once you have the audioCube charged up just squidge the big orange power button and you get the engine revving sound.

Yup, the audioCube has car-based notification sounds. Turing off the speakers gives you the remote alarm pings.

audiocube-buttonNow it’s just a case of finding the speakers on your smart device Bluetooth menu and you’re good to go.

Sound quality

Flipping the audioCube over so that the power button section is touching a surface and you’ll get decent bass.

The four speakers really do dish out 360 degree audio. No matter where you are in the room you get good definition and it certainly doesn’t lack power.

audiocube-reviewThe audio does project well, even outside. This makes this a great choice for picnics and garden parties (even though the weather is changing).

It played a wide range of music nice and clearly. The added bass resonance did lean it more towards ‘pumping’ party tunes.

audioCube review conclusion

The Allocacoc audioCube is a very neat, compact speaker. It lends itself more to being a room-to-room or garden speaker due to its weight.

Saying that though, pack this when heading to a festival, park or camp site and no matter where you are you’ll get a party started.

audiocube-speakerThe bass depends on what kind of surface you sit the power button on but it is always decent.

It looks great and sounds potent. Add around 10 hours of play time, this is a fab choice for a portable speaker.

audioCube price and availability

You can buy the audioCube now direct from Allocacoc for Eur 99.95