Allocacoc announce new hands-free PowerCubes

PowerCube SensorI already own a PowerCube Remote. Now, Allocacoc are offering a way of controlling power – this time, without touching anything.

Allocacoc are offering a new Remote Sensor, as well as an all new Sound Sensor version.

The PowerCube Remote Sensor senses your motion through a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor.

When the motion sensor detects movement in the room, connected devices automatically switch on. After a period where no movement is detected, they will automatically switch off.

There are four modes to adapt to your needs: long-term lighting mode, short-term lighting mode, appliance mode and manual mode.

PowerCube remoteSensorThis means that it will automatically turn on your lights or other connected devices when you enter the room.

If you’re happy and you know it

PowerCube SoundSensorPowerCube Sound Sensor automatically turns your connected devices on/off by sound, for instance simply by clapping your hands!

When the PowerCube SoundSensor detects any sound above 50dB, connected devices automatically switch on. After a 3-minute period where no sound is detected, they will automatically switch off.

Alternatively, in handclap mode, clap twice to switch it on/off.

The LED light indicator flashes when the handclap is detected. If you have more than one PowerCube|SoundSensor| in the room, simply clap three times to switch them all off.

Price and availability

These will definitely happen as Allocacoc have passed their Kickstarter goal with the new PowerCubes.

However, you can still back this project until July 22nd. The more backers they get, the more new pledges they promise to unlock.