All The UMPC’s and Netbooks In One Place!

umpcJust how helpful are the folks over at UMPC Portal?

How about putting together a poster of ever netbook and UMPC (ultra mobile PC) that has been released in recent history?

Bless their collective hearts.

If you’re really hot on the old UMPC and netbook front perhaps you can spot any that’s missing – I’m not sure to be honest but hey!

To me this kinda underlines how confusing and full this marketplace is getting (just think how many versions of the EeePC there’s been!).

The great thing about the picture over on UMPC Portal is that when you click a pic you get info about that particular portable puter.

So, without further ado go and have a goosey at the pic over at UMPC Portal via the lovely powered porcine that is  Electricpig