All iPhone Models Racing Against Each Other – iPhone 4 Not Fastest at Everything

This is a question that’s raised quite often by people considering upgrading their iPhones – is the new one actually any faster?

Well here’s some video proof.

As you can see in the vid below – all four models are put through a variety of tests.

The iPhone 4 manages to launch Plants vs Zombies in 8.5 seconds and, at the other end of the scale, the original iPhone 2G took a total of 26 seconds to get its game on.

Don’t think that iPhone 4 got its own way throughout the tasks though. In fact, the iPhone 2G was the fastest to shut down at 8.2 seconds and the 3GS was the fastest to boot up.

The other thing I couldn’t help noticing is how the iPhone 4’s screen pops with colour 🙂

But it does look like the iPhone 4 is speediest where it counts.

Four Generations of the iPhone from Chris Pinnock on Vimeo.

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