Alien Mouse Gives Good Vibrations

This striking gadget isn’t the future of inner-city transport (more’s the pity) it is, in fact, the aptly named “Alien Mouse” concept from the crazy designery head of Mizanur Rehman.

The brief was to design a mouse that would strictly adhere to the principles of ergonomics so that it would provide maximum comfort.

This is acheived by molding itself to the user’s hand as it has a body constructed from soft gel and cellulose. It’s even got a throbbing central core that vibrates through the frame to help relieve stress.

Now, the important bit of a controlling device is….well…..the controlly bit.

A central joystick is flanked by right and left click buttons, but the layout of the controls means that the mouse never needs to be physically moved.

The Alien Mouse is only in the concept stage at this point which is a shame as we might not even be using a mouse in 5 years.



Alien Mouse via The Design Blog