Alex the Android eBook has Two Screens and Smartphone Capabilities

alex-ebook-readerEveryone say hello to Alex the eBook reader.

This lovely, and friendly sounding gadget comes courtesy of Spring Design.

This eBook reader not only has the usual black and white e-Ink screen it has another display that features full colour niceness!

Alex also throws in full web browsing over Wi-Fi and 3G (or EVDO/CDMA in America).

I love the idea that publishers can embed links in to the main text and create live footnotes for further reading in the colour section 🙂

Web content can be cached onto the device’s internal memory, and swapped to the monochrome screen to preserve battery life.

Alex apparently has ‘full smartphone cabilities’ as well but I’m guessing more info will surface ahead of its ‘before the years end’ release.

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