Alessi Mobile Phones and Docks – Hyper Cute

Alessi are better known for their quirky kitchenware and have only just recently dipped their toes into software-based tech with their Alessi Tab which should be appearing on shelves in the next few weeks.

Alessi has teamed up with Japanese designer iida, along with Stefano Giovannoni, Marcel Wanders and Patricia Urquiola in order to bring their sense of fun to the mobile phone and associated docks. Frankly I think these are brilliant.

These cute designs were flashed around at the Designtide Tokyo 2010 show, Giovannoni’s cellphones and accompanying docking stations take the shape of animals, with the various designs including a fishing boat (with the dock being the fish); a person walking a dog-shaped dock; and a cat tied around a tree. Fantastic!

I could see these attracting quite a lot of attention in Japan and perhaps in Europe – Not sure if we’ll ever see them in the stores though.

Would you buy one? Let me know below 🙂

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