Alcohol Shot Gun – Takes No Prisoners

boozegunWe all know that booze comes in barrels.

Also that you can’t beat a shot or three of a good bourbon.

Well, this invention is right on target – and you could say that it fires on a hair-of-the-dog trigger.

Nuff of my silly word-play.

This is a Booze Gun!

The Alcohol Shot Gun fires 1 oz of your choice of ethonol-based joy directly into your mouth – or near enough after a few hits.

So, if you like to play with your drink and want to invent more messy drinking games; what are you waiting for?

Perhaps team it up with the condiment gun for a real mess-fest! 🙂

On your marks…….get set…….

D R I N K ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !


Slippery Brick