Alaris 30 – Desktop 3D Model Printer (Replicator)

3D printers are mainly used by industrial designery types.

Many of these folks get their companies to buy the not so cheap versions of Star Trek styled replicators which is all very well for them but not so cool for regular types like you and I.

Objet’s Alaris30 3D desktop printer is no bigger than a regular printer/scanner combo and plugs into a regular power source, connects to any office network and ships with simple drivers and software that let your send CAD files to be produced from modeling plastic in dimensions up to 11.57 x 7.72 x 5.9 inches.  Alriiiight!!!!

Unfortunately that price is still gonna hovver around the $40,000 mark and still can’t create an army of clones.

If you happen to have that kinda cash check out the details on Objet’s site.

You can marvel at an example of the printer’s capabilities at BBG.