Akemake Spirulida 3D printed speaker – budget Nautilus

akemake spriulidaIf you ever fancied a desktop version of Bowers & Wilkins “perfect speaker“, Nautilus, then Akemake has this week unveiled a new 3D printed speaker called Spirulida that isn’t far off. Best thing is that you can print it yourself and costs less than $10.

Akemake’s Spirulida has been produced using a 100% natural wood filament called Timberfill, created by Fillamentum.

The 3D printed speaker has been designed by Ondra Chotovinsky, and inspired by the deep sea squid-like species called… the Spirulida. Whodathunkit?

The new Timberfill 3D printing filament has not only been designed to look like word but also behave like word offering 3D printed models similar characteristics to those created or carved from wood. The new speaker is the very first 3D printed speaker in the world created from this woody wonder.

Spirula is the World’s First Desktop Speaker you can easily print and assemble by yourself. Its form and full range speaker system are a marriage of quality sound and modern aesthetics – producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream 3D printing ideology with us… Spirula has the perfect size to fit into most home and office desktop setups, or to be an original design piece of your living room.

Spirula_duoIf you fancy 3D printing your very own speaker the designs are available to download as well as instructions for assembling from the Akemake website.

Fillamentum also offers a variety of 3D printing materials, including the new wood Timberfill, but also traditional PLA, ABS, and even PVA.

For a roll of Timberfill it will cost you 44 Euros and the full component list can be found on the Akemake site.