AirCassette Transforms your iPhone into a Working Retro Cassette Player

I really dig my TinyVox Pro ‘tape’ recorder iPhone app and now there’s more retro-tasticness courtesy of the new music player app called AirCassette.

AirCassett transforms your iPhone into an 80s style cassette deck and even allows you to share ‘mix tapes’ just like in the good ol’ days.

The track information appears on the tape and the spools spin back and forth depending on whether the ‘tape’ is playing, fast-forwarding or rewinding. Brilliant!

AirCassette even supports the modernity of Apple AirPlay!

Once you have created a few mix tapes, that’s what we called them, you can then publish their digital equivalent to Facebook for others to use or you could even pop it in an email.

You get to choose from a number of different nostalgic cassette models.

AirCassette is available now from iTunes for £1.49

Watch it in action below:

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