Air Guitar – Guitar Hero Trainer

If your virtual chops are a little below par and your sweep-picking isn’t scoring highly enough you need this………….

Air Guitar Rocker is officially licensed with Guitar Hero but you don’t need to own Guitar Hero to play.  Simply strap on the supplied rocker style belt buckle, attach it to the included processor thingie and you’re good to go. Play your air guitar by strumming the plectrum in front of the belt buckle and play classic tunes by Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc. 

Just be prepared for some odd looks as you flail your hand wildly infront of your crotch :0.

Air Guitar Rocker will available from March 2008 for $30.

Thankfully you’ll also be able to buy exchangeable air cartridges to the relief of anyone within hearing distance of your rehearsals.