Aglaia LED floor lamp review

Aglaia LED floor lamp


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Small base allows easy positioning
  • Adjustable goose-neck
  • Low power consumption
  • 3-levels of brightness
  • Good price


  • Bit of a fingerprint magnet

aglaia led floor lamp homeI have been sent an Aglaia LED floor lamp to check out. My name is Jay, and I am a lighting addict.

I am only half joking, gadgety faithful. As a kid I could walk around the lighting section of department stores for ages. I still have a weird attraction to statement lights.

So, when I was contacted to have a look at the Aglaia floor lamp, I couldn’t really turn it down.

Aglaia LED floor lamp design

Minimalist is the word of the day here.

It has a 21cm square base and stands at around 141cm tall, depending on how you position the lamp head.

Even though the body of this standard lamp is metal, it is coated in a matte rubbery material. This makes it nicely tactile.

aglaia led floor lamp fullThe only control is on the back of the lamp head itself.

This touch control cycles through off and a trio of brightness settings.

Thanks to the small footprint and adjustable goose-neck, finding a good position for the Aglaia lamp is easy.

Aglaia LED floor lamp performance

Set up

The lamp actually comes delivered in quite a small box.

The sections of the lamp screw together. The power cable is already threaded through it all.

aglaia led floor lamp buildAnyone who has put together a tent that has tent poles that are put together and are threaded with elastic will find this method familiar.

Screwing the first pole in to the base, the rest of the poles screw in to each other. Finally, the lamp head section is screwed on.

You should have all this completed within about 5 minutes.


The lamp is already fitted with a plug and LED lights.

The lights are rated at 6.8W and dish out up to 500 lumens with a 4000K colour temperature.

Even at the brightest setting, the light is comfortably diffused.

aglaia led floor lamp sofaThe lowest setting is great for relaxed corner lighting and will not disrupt your telly watching. Tap it up a notch and it’s good enough for flicking through a magazine or working on a laptop.

If you’re intending on getting your serious read-on, tap the back of the slimline head.

The light, as mentioned, is low glare. It is also flicker free and non-ghosting.

The flexible goose-neck allows for a wide range of adjustments. It also helps that the light only weighs 1.6Kg so anyone can shift it around.

Aglaia LED floor lamp review conclusion

LED lighting is the most efficient for your home. It’s even better than those curly-whirly eco bulbs.

It also has the advantage of not flickering. This makes it ideal for long reading sessions.

The Aglaia LED floor lamp looks modern. Yet, thanks to its minimalist nature, will slip comfortably in to any home setting.

The matte coating is a little prone to fingerprints though.

I now have the lamp illuminating my record player but it is light (pun intended) enough to be pulled out should I need to throw more targeted light on something.

Aglaia LED floor lamp price and available

You can buy your own Aglaia floor lamp right now from Amazon for just £32.00.

More details can be found on the Aglaia website.