ADzero Bamboo Android Phone Available Soon – Designed by Middlesex Uni Student

adzero bamboo mobile phoneBamboo is renowned to be light, durable and pretty strong. There have already been laptops made out of the stuff but it has taken a British design student to put this in to a mobile phone.

The ADzero mobile phone has been designed by Middlesex University student, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. The handset uses the natural material not only to look gorgeous but the lightweight wood also enables the ADzero to weigh half that of the iPhone 4S and still have a larger screen!

“The whole experience so far has been incredible and completely unexpected,” said Kieron-Scott. “Completing my final year and working has been challenging, but my course and the project complement each other well and it’s a great start of my career. I can’t wait to see my mobile phone in shops this year.”

The ADzero runs Android and features a rear snapper with a circular ‘ring flash’ around the lens. Those in to photography will know that the ring flash gives a more natural appearance to the light source.

The great news is that ADzero isn’t destined just to be another nice design as Woodhouse has found someone to back his design and plans are afoot to get the ADzero into UK design shops by the end of 2012.

At least this is one student that hasn’t been spending all his time and loan down at the SU 😉

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