Adhoc Fold Away Canoe Could be Latest Green Commuter Transport

If you live and work by a river or scared of flash floods then the Ad Hoc foldable canoe may well be for you!

There are those that commute by boat (as I discovered when visiting Stuff Magazine‘s HQ in Teddington) and, as there’s fold-up bikes, it makes complete sense that there should be fold-up canoes.

The Ad Hoc canoe is the brainchild of Israeli designer, Ori Levin. It’s a one man craft and is made of fabric which allows it to be folded into a lightweight bag and all together only weighs 4.1Kg – it comes complete with power source, or paddle as the more nautically minded call it.

The Adhoc looks great for those weekends away and would be easy to shove in a small car or allow you to pack half-a-dozen canoes in a regular saloon. Imagine peoples faces when you turn up for a canoe trip on your bike and tell them you have your boat on your back!

There’s no word yet on price, distributors, or release date – with the price of petrol, public transport and bike hire having a pack-away boat may be the way forward.

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