ADATA launch their XPG-V3 3100Mhz overclocked RAM kits

Dram XPG V3I’ve just received an interesting email from memory specialist ADATA informing me of their new series of DDR3 memory modules named XPG-V3 and the clock speeds go all the way up to 3100MHz!

The XPG-V3 memory is built to be super speedy and very durable and aimed at PC overclockers. The new kit is compatible with the latest Z97 series motherboards.

Out of the box, the fastest kit is rated to reach speeds of up to 3100 MHz. Of course, skilled overclockers might be able to push this a bit further, but the XMP profile should do the work for you up to 3100MHz.

Kits will be available with various frequencies, where the lowest speed will be 1600 MHz. Timings vary from CL9 through CL12, depending on the frequency, and the memory will only come in kits of either 2x 4GB or 2x 8GB.

XPG V3 heat finsThe flagship of the series calculates at a rate of 3.100 MHz, achieving access times of CL12-14-14-36, as well as memory voltage of 1.65volts. According to ADATA the modules also achieve a bandwidth of up to 24.8GB per second.

The PCBs of the memory modules are eight layers thick and have a 2oz copper design. They also come with very big heatsinks which should ensure that all the chips are cooled sufficiently.

ADATA have added a neat touch as the detachable fin heat sinks can be replaced and fastened by screws which not only makes the XPG V3 series more durable for long-term use it enables you to swap out the fins to match your rig better as the packs come with a red and a copper set.

XPG V3 coloured heat sink finsI’ve asked for some price guidance and to see if I can test this new memory out so keep posted.

I would assume that the prices would be around the same as the V2 kits, so around £65ish for 8GB of 2400Mhz, and get more expensive to the point of eyewatering levels once you reach the top frequencies and sizes.