ADAM Elements new iKlips card readers

iKlips WizardAfter successful Indiegogo campaigns for iKlips and iKlips DUO, which raised over US $560,000, ADAM elements launches its newest additions to the iKlips family. Please welcome the iKlips Wizard and the iKlips miReader 4K, which let users expand their iPhone storage with microSD cards.

iOS card reader and Lightning to USB cable in one: iKlips Wizard

iKlips Wizard

Like previous iKlips flash drives, the iKlips Wizard lets you expand your iDevice’s storage.

In addition, the new model includes a flat-braided 6 cm Lightning to USB-A cable. This means that the expanded memory can be enjoyed while charging or syncing your iOS device.

Instead of built-in memory, the iKlips Wizard has a microSD card slot for cards of up to 256 GB.

iKlips WizardThis way, you can an entire HD movie collection along on a flight, record hours of 4K video without running out of memory space, or work on professional video editing projects on the iPad Pro. When you’re done, you can then effortlessly move, copy and share data between the iOS device and other computers.

The USB end’s magnetic cap can also be used as an iPhone stand for comfortable video viewing.

Thanks to its slim Lightning end, the iKlips Wizard is compatible with even the thickest iPhone and iPad cases.

Like all other members of the iKlips family, the new model is fully MFi-certified by Apple as a product made for iPhone and iPad. So, guaranteed to comply with strict performance and manufacturing standards. It works with the iKlips app, available for free on the App Store, which manages contacts, photos, music, video data plus backups and transfers.

Convenient stand for video viewing: the iKlips Wizard’s magnetic USB cap

iKlips miReader 4K

Weighing a mere 5.65 grams, the iKlips miReader 4K is even more lightweight and compact than the iKlips Wizard.

miReader 4KYou still get the same microSD storage expansion functionality, but it doesn’t come with a built-in cable. Instead, it can be used with any micro USB cable.

In addition to watching 4K movies stored on microSD cards, you can also view your drone, GoPro or DSLR footage on-the-go by just swapping the cards from these gadgets to the miReader 4K. This is much nicer than viewing the content on the small preview screens of these devices.

Price and availability

The iKlips Wizard and iKlips miReader 4K are available to purchase online from the Taiwan-based ADAM Store and from selected European retailers. They can be bought with or without a microSD card (64 GB or 128 GB) included. The miReader 4K comes with a premium 13 cm micro USB cable.

  • MSRP iKlips Wizard: £59
  • MSRP iKlips miReader 4K: £49