Adam Elements iKlips DUO review – iOS storage and more

iKlips DUO

From £79

Build quality




Ease of use







  • Quick and easy selection direct from phone
  • Can save files on app or memory stick
  • Multi-select files to transfer
  • One tap deletion


  • Select all does not always select all files
  • Cannot charge phone through iKlips
  • Can't download multiple Vimeo files

iklips case and strapAdam Elements have kindly sent over one of their 64GB iKlips DUOs to review. Being an Android user I have handed this task over to a Mac-loving friend.

Some of the best things about iOS can also be frustrating for the user. Where Android gives owners access to a whole range of apps and functions, iOS can be somewhat of a closed shop. The upside is that all the apps in iOS work and have been checked.

The Adam Elements iKlips DUO is a game of two halves – the hardware and the software.

Chris, over to you.


iKlips DUO design

On first sight the Duo looks like a regular if, albeit well made, USB flash drive.

Unclip it from its rubber carrying case and you can see more – a USB 3.0 flash drive with a Lightning connector on the other end.

The rubber case protects both ends of the drive when inside it and also adds a keychain loop. You also get a small leather loop that adds some more style

It is certainly small, sleek and stylish.

iKlips DUO performance

I had the 64GB version to test, but it also comes in 32, 128 and 256Gb options.

iklips boxIt might not be the fastest drive on the planet, at 142.71 MB/s and 38.66 MB/s, but most users will be satisfied.

iKlips software

Arguably the most important part of iKlips is the software. This has been designed with the average iPhone user in mind.

The free app is quick and easy to set up. In fact, you are automatically taken to the iKlips app in the app store to download upon inserting the USB into your phone.

[youtube id=”BUHVS5pfToY”]

It is remarkably easy to use . Especially with simple instructions on each page, including FAQs and handy video tutorials.

You can format iKlips to exFAT or FAT32 and then its time to transfer files.

You are presented with a simple storage diagram for both phone and iKlips to see how much memory you have.

iKlips in use

One huge bonus is that it is easy to continue using iPhone as normal with iKlips left plugged in.

iKlips is not restricted to one phone or user. This means that users can share files with friends by sharing the iKlips device. You do get the choice of added security using encrypted, password-protected files.

iklips and iphoneYou do not need special software required to view and access files on PC or Mac. It does, however, support a large number of different video and music files, as well as standard document files, ie. pdf, doc, xls, png.

I was impressed that it allows file sharing from the iKlips app to other apps, allowing file uploading to apps like Vimeo and YouTube.

Short of space on your iPhone? Well, iKlips DUO also allows you to back up from your phone to the drive. This works for contacts, and calendar, as well as backing up apps including Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, Vimeo. It also connects to cloud drives such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive.

iklips and macI am happy to report that there is no loss of quality of the backed up/transferred pictures or videos. It is a shame that you cannot watch transferred video files through iKlips though. You have to transfer it to your phone or Mac/PC. However transfer is very quick.

iKlips DUO review conclusion

The iKlips DUO is perfect for holidays and day trips as it allows you to quickly transfer files and delete them off your phone through the app.

Don’t want to delete files off your phone? Take photos and videos directly through the app which transfer to the USB or app cloud.

iklips case and strapIt certainly avoids that annoying moment when you go to take a picture or video only for you iPhone to tell you to delete some files as your phone memory is full. Now you will not miss that photo or video opportunity as you decide which files to keep and which to delete – only to have to then delete them again from your deleted folder.

Simply plug in iKlips and snap away!

Is it an alternative to paying out for an iPhone with higher memory? Not really, given the difference between an iPhone 128GB and iPhone 256GB is approx. £100 – the same price as a 64GB iKlips duo device. But, the iKlips DUO does give the user more freedom to move around and access files without relying on an internet connection to access from cloud-based storage.

Ultimately it serves as a very useful and very portable external hard-drive for your phone, with added features such as back-ups and in-app camera use.

iKlips DUO price and availability

You can buy the iKlips DUO now from £79 for the 32GB at

Alternatively, buy direct from Adam Elements.

They are available in Gold, Iron Gray, Red, and Rose Gold in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB sizes.