Acticheck Assure could save the lives of outdoorsy types

acticheck assureA few weeks ago I announced that a Kickstarter campaign had been launched to fund a neat wearable. Nothing new about that. But the Acticheck Assure could literally save lives.

The Acticheck Assure is the brainchild of Karl Gibbs, who wanted a device which his mother could wear to let him know if something was wrong.

What he devised is an adjustable wristband which can act as a warning system, or simply a reminder for the wearer to take medication.

The thing is it could help more than the elderly or infirm.

The Kickstarter ends in little less than 60 hours and has seen 119 backers raise £18,284 out of the £25,000 goal but this deserves more to take notice.

Do you go jogging or cycling? Perhaps you use the park for your free circuit training? If you fell off your bike or slipped over and knocked yourself unconscious, how long could you be waiting before someone found you?

assure lonersIf you are involved in something such as a collision, it would triggers an alert on the Assure. The Acticheck wristband would then vibrate on your wrist to ensure you are in need of assistance. At this point you could cancel the alert by pressing a button, brush yourself down and get back to whatever you were doing. But, if you don’t respond, then you’ll get a call to your mobile phone, which also gives you chance to cancel the alert.

If there is still no response from the you the device then busies itself by telephoning your list of responders, who can then locate you and come to your rescue.

The Acticheck Assure is still needing backers on Kickstarter before the campaign closes on Thursday Feb 26th at 8:00 AM.