Acrylic Cowboy Brings New Meaning to Bare Bones Computing

acrylic-cowboyLooking for a barebones PC?

Well, this has to be as barebones as PC cases get!

Spotted on The Raw Feed this small piece of plastic with just enough room for the essential PC guts making your puter look something inspired by Make – which aint a bad thing 🙂

The Acrylic Cowboy (?!?!) looks to be a chunk of plastic that includes space for an ATX or Micro ATX  motherboard, power supply, hard drive, and optical drive.

It’s available for only 7,500 yen, which is around £51.00 but be warned: all the included parts are in Japanese – so you may to brush up on your language skills!

So, if you like the idea of seeing the inner gubbings of your puter, enjoy dusting and never balance your coffee on your PC case this is for you!