Acoustic Energy AE1 Active launching at Sound and Vision – Bristol Show 2017

AE1 Active - WhiteAcoustic Energy is set to launch the AE1 Active at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2017.

AE is celebrating 30 years in the Hi-Fi business – this coincides nicely with the Bristol Show’s 30th anniversary.

The AE1 Active is set to be another milestone product in the brand’s illustrious history.

Ideal for direct connection to audiophile DAC/Preamps and Hi-Res streamers, the AE1 Active merges three decades of refinement with Acoustic Energy’s expertise in the active studio monitor sector.

Each speaker is fully bi-amped with two 50Watt class A/B amplifiers. The design offers “unrivalled amplifier speaker integration and class leading dynamics.”

The new Active model offers all the musical insight and detail that has made the AE1 the audiophile’s small speaker of choice for 30 years.

AE1 Active specification

Key to the success of the AE1 Active design is its unique pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology.

Now in its fifth generation, this 125mm ceramic hard-anodised spun aluminium cone offers exceptional stiffness at low weight.

This negates the cone flex and break-up nodes at frequencies typical of paper and plastic cone designs.

The tweeter is an all-new AE designed 27mm metal done unit designed to work in harmony with AE’s Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) waveguide.

The promised result is perfect integration with the mid/bass driver, with extremely wide and spacious imaging.

Electronically, the AE1 Active is proudly an all-analogue design focused on performance without compromise.

AE1 Active - BlackThis includes wired analogue inputs, both balanced XLR and standard RCA. You also get quality linear power supplies and two pair-matched, high-performance 50Watt Class A/B amplifiers per speaker.

Acoustic Energy did play around with wireless inputs, Class D amplification and DSP but none were deemed good enough to wear the AE1 badge.

The redesigned cabinet features extensively braced heavyweight fibreboard construction with internal damping panels. There is also the introduction of a slot port to the AE1 design for the first time.

With several AE models already benefiting from the company’s R&D programme into slot port loading, the AE1 Active’s port delivers unrivalled cross-sectional area, reduced baffle space and significantly reduced ‘wind-noise’ at high volumes.

With a bandwidth from 40Hz to 25kHz, efficiency of 104dB for 1Vrms, and maximum SPL volume of 115dB, no other small speaker gets close to the AE1 Active’s performance.

NEW AE Reference speaker stands

Acoustic Energy’s well received Reference loudspeaker stands have been upgraded to become the perfect partner for the new AE1 Actives.

The same heavyweight fibreboard and laminate rubber construction but finishes and the top plate have been redesigned to seamlessly integrate with the design of the AE1 Active.

Finishes: Piano Black, Piano White and Piano Cherry veneer finishes.

Pricing and availability

They are available now.

AE1 Active

Piano Black / Piano White £1000.00pr
Piano Cherry veneer £1200.00pr

Reference stands

Piano Black / Piano White £350.00pr
Piano Cherry veneer £350.00pr

AE1 Active + Reference stands package

Piano Black / Piano White £1200.00pr
Piano Cherry veneer £1400.00pr

AE1 Active Technical Specifications
  • 2×50 watt Linear supply Class A/B amplifiers per speaker
  • Active 4th order minimum phase crossover
  • Fully analogue architecture with adjustable volume on each speaker
  • Proprietary 125mm ceramic anodised aluminium mid/bass driver
  • Proprietary 27mm aluminium dome tweeter
  • Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) waveguide for enhanced room integration
  • +/- 2dB treble adjustment and +/- 2dB bass cut, defeatable
  • Inputs: RCA and balanced XLR input connections
  • Mains voltage: Switchable 110/240V
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-25kHz +/-6dB
  • Safety certification: CE EN55013/20
  • Dimensions: 300 x 185 x 250mm (HxWxD)
  • Finishes: Piano Black, White and Cherry real wood veneer finishes