Acer unveils Holo360, Vision360 cameras – IFA 2017

Acer Holo360Acer has just announced two LTE-connected 360-degree cameras. These are highly anticipated Holo360 all-in-one camera, and the Vision360 cloud-connected in-car camera.

The Acer Holo360 is a 360-degree camera that allows users to capture, view, edit, and share with just one device; the Acer Vision360 is a cloud-connected in-car camera providing peace-of-mind and fun on the road.

Acer Holo360 Camera

The Acer Holo360 is hooked up with the Qualcomm Connected Camera Platform. Naturally, it is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 mobile processor.

Acer Holo360 front and backCombining the power to stitch videos in real-time, integrated LTE connectivity, and a 3-inch touchscreen for operation, the Acer Holo360 provides an all-in-one solution to livestream 360-degree videos.

Panomorph optics certified by ImmerVision capture consistent high-resolution images across the field of view without distortion. This enables the Holo360 to deliver high-quality photos in 6.9K resolution and videos in 4K.

Acer Holo360 lensesYou can also relive captured moments with a virtual reality headset for total immersion in to your memories.

The Holo360 runs on Android 7.1. This means you can share 360-degree photos and videos directly to social networks. Furthermore, you can also preview videos directly on the device without the need to pair and sync with a smartphone or PC.

Acer Vision360

The Vision360 looks to be much more than just another dashcam.

Acer Vision360 front and backPacking two ultra-high quality cameras that work together to provide 360-degree coverage, the Acer Vision360 makes sure that every angle is completely recorded in crisp, 4K video.

Should an object collide with your vehicle when it is in motion; the device will start to record. That recording will include GPS coordinates of where the incident occurred, which is not only saved in a secure area on the device’s internal storage, but also uploaded to the cloud for evidence preservation.

Acer Vision360 screenFor safety, the Vision360 is mounted on the windshield, aligned with the driver’s eyes and also displays the vehicle’s current speed.

Through the Vision360’s cloud-connected service, collisions with the car while it is parked will activate the device to record a video clip. Furthermore, it will send a notification to the your smartphone, and upload the video to the cloud.

Acer Vision360The Vision360 also provides on-demand remote viewing and location-tracking from the device for peace-of-mind.

Finally, for a bit of fun, users can record family outings or memorable road trips in action cam-quality, and relive the experience in the driver’s seat with a virtual reality headset.

Price and availability

The Acer Holo360 connected camera will be available in North America in November at $429 bundled with a water-resistant case; and in EMEA in Q4 with prices starting at €349.