Acer S1 Crazy Thin HD LCD TV’s That Wont Hurt Your Wallet

If you fancy getting yourself an extremely thin HD tele with eco-friendly power consumption but would rather avoid the tear inducing price tag usually associated with such a purchase read on Gadgety friends.

Acer has produced the world’s thinnest LCD display and it’s gone and shoved them into their new TVs.

The new S1 series of LCD TVs (although they’re technically monitors as I can’t spot any speakers, etc) come in the expected glossy black finish and there’s a choice of four models ranging from 18.5-inches to 23-inches.

The profile is almost silly – measuring from just 15mm thick to an impossibly thin 13mm!

The 21-inch and 23-inch models have full 1080p resolution while the rest have 16:9 HD viewing.

Owners of the Acer S1 Series LCD displays will no doubt enjoy the Adaptive Contrast Management System as well as the full HD capabilities, a 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time.

These screens have the necessary connectivity sporting VGA and DVI ports on all models with the 21 and 23-inchers having the addition of HDMI.

Now here’s the really interesting bit. The price.

For all this viewing pleasure expect to pay just £119.99 and then work up to a laughable £170!

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