Acer S3 Leaks onto Store Site – Euro Prices and Specs Flashed

The IFA is bound to have some of those ultraportable Ultrabooks from the likes of Acer and Asus but here’s a bit of a scoop.

Thanks to Notebook Italia you get to see the actual product page for the Acer Ultrabook S3 which seems to have gone live a bit ahead of the game!

The Acer Ultrabook S3 comes packing Intel Core i5-2467M, 4GB of RAM, and a 320GB HDD (or optional 20GB SSD) paired with a 13.3-inch screen.

All of that is squeezed into its skinny ultrabook frame – we’re talking 13mm thickness which just so happens to be less than the MacBook Air at some points.

You can guarantee that there’ll be more ultrabook news over the next week or so – will they become the new tablet or is the 800 Euro price tag too much?

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