Acer announces 65-inch, 4K BFGD – CES 2018

acer predator BFGDWhat could the initials of Acer’s new 65-inch Predator BFGD stand for? Big Format Gaming Display, of course.

You know when you want a new, larger gaming monitor? Acer dares you to supersize that sukka!

The Acer BFGD packs NVIDIA G-SYNC and builds on the same top-of-the-line specifications that its smaller cousins boast.

The new gaming display even integrates NVIDIA SHIELD streaming capabilities to play movies and TV shows in stunning 4K HDR.

Massive yet nimble

acer predator BFGD frontAt 65-inches, the Predator Big Format Gaming Display still features ultimate gaming specifications that gamers expect from Predator displays.

It sports NVIDIA G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate technology which provides a buttery-smooth, tear-and- stutter-free gaming experience. Also, you get ultra-low latency at 4K 120Hz.

acer predator BFGD A full-array direct backlight delivers up to 1,000 nits peak luminance, and local dimming provides higher contrast, deeper blacks and brighter whites.


The Predator BFGD features integrated NVIDIA SHIELD capabilities. This means that gamers can easily switch between gaming and other forms of entertainment.

acer predator BFGD HUGEA bundled remote and game controller allows easy navigation and access to movies and TV shows from the most popular streaming apps.

This effectively would make the BFGD one of the biggest displays you can hook your PC gaming rig to.

Alternatively, users could tap into the Nvidia Shield features to stream PC games with just their TV as well as accessing streaming media with the help of Google Assistant.

Price and availability

As you can imagine, no pricing or release date has yet been given to us here at GadgetyNews. If I can clear a space, I definitely want to give this a try though!