A simple 3-step guide to playing Minecraft multiplayer

minecraftMinecraft is hugely popular, but finding the right server can certainly be a bit of a challenge, as there are so many fun Minecraft servers to choose from. If you’re looking for a multiplayer experience, in particular, continue reading for a really simple 3-step guide to playing Minecraft multiplayer and having a great experience every time.

Photo by Kevin Jarrett

Step 1: Choose to Play on a LAN or Online Server

First, you need to decide whether you wish to play on an online server or on a local area network (LAN). If you want to play on a local area network, you will be able to play with other people who are within the range of your network, so if you have friends or family members who love to play and that live nearby, this is perfect. Otherwise, you can hop onto an online server on which you can play with people from all over the world without having to connect your LAN to any other computers.

To play on a LAN, you’ll need to allow other computers to access your network and choose one computer to serve as a host, so make sure you have all of the necessary security features in place to protect your data from hackers. Preferably, this computer will be fast and will run the server for the other players. The host can then create the Minecraft world or choose one that already exists. Choose the game mode next, whether it’s survival or creative, and start playing by clicking Start LAN World.

When it comes to online Minecraft servers, two or more players can interact with each other by either downloading the server’s .exe file that can be found on the Minecraft site or by connecting to the server hosted by another player. Do so by logging into Minecraft and choosing multiplayer before clicking on Add Server and entering the web or IP address of the server you wish to play on.

Step 2: Search Online for a Multiplayer Server That’s Creative or Survival Based

You can also look for a multiplayer Minecraft server by browsing the official Minecraft forums. You may already search through the forums for tips and tricks that you can use during gameplay, or to simply connect with like-minded Minecraft enthusiasts for a fun chat. No matter what, though, once you are there, you should be able to easily locate two boards that are focused on survival servers and creative servers. Knowing which type of server you would prefer to be on will help you narrow down your choices, so hop on the appropriate thread to get some ideas.

To clarify, creative servers are meant to be cooperative in nature, so you won’t be encountering any monsters or dealing with fighting against other players. Instead, you’ll be able to get creative to have fun while building things. This is great for those who want to work alone or in teams and who want to focus on enjoying Minecraft in a peaceful, less stressful way.

On the other hand, survival servers are meant to replicate the Minecraft single player survival mode, so these offer more challenging gaming experiences. Basically, a survival server is a virtual world that is filled with hostility and monsters, as well as other players who can attack you at any moment. Again, you can play individually or in teams in order to protect yourself. Ultimately, though, if you are not a big fan of having to deal with these types of struggles during a game, you should stick with a creative server instead.

Step 3: Get on the Whitelist

Typically, in order to join a Minecraft server, you’ll need to get on what is called a whitelist, or the list that will allow you to actually join the server and start playing. This usually requires that you post on the server’s thread to ask for permission to join, though you can also send a message to the server’s owner, or you may even need to fill out an application to join. Usually, you will have to specify why you wish to join, how much you play, and more. Once you’re whitelisted, read through the rules so that you have a clear idea of what it takes to remain on the server.

Even though Minecraft didn’t always allow for multiplayer fun, things have changed, and many enhancements have been made to make the experience one that you shouldn’t miss. Today, you can play in survival mode or creative mode, and you can do so with people from all over the world.