A Mobile Marvel – Comics on Your Phone

Marvel CharactersWanna catch up with the goings on of Wolverine, The Hulk, DareDevil and the like from the comfort of your mobile phone?


Well Marvel Comics wants to do just that.

A quote from Marvel (source IESB – link below):

…View digital distribution of our comics as an area of great growth potential…and also soon in mobile distribution…so they can read our new comic books on their mobile device…

My only worry is how readable will these be?

Would the mobile devices mentioned just be the top end PMPs and things such as the e-Book or do they intend including phones? 

Most computer screens are either 72 or 96 dpi.  The iPhone is 163 dpi, while the SE’s Xperia is rumoured to have a print quality resolution of 296 dpi. 

So, in theory, Marvel and other publishers will be able to put more content on the screen or offer multi-resolution comics.

I’m quite excited by the thought of this though……….

Would you sign up?